Week 53: Eu Quero Ser Como Cristo

This week was really wild. A while back we met a really sweet family. We got to know her a little and found out that she was a widow with seven children (yes, seven!) and hadn't gone to church since her husband passed away, about two years ago. We taught about the Plan of Salvation and it was a really spiritual, sweet moment. She invited her kids to go to church and they adored it (not all of them went, but when they do it'll double the size of our primary) and then yesterday they were baptized.

So, for each baptism we like to do a musical number, and for this family we chose "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus," which is my favorite but my companion wasn't too familiar with it (she's a convert and didn't learn all the primary songs). So we practiced and stuff, and everything was ready for the baptism. We went up, our piano man did the intro, and I started to sing. Just that I was waiting for Sister Sales to sing, too, and waited. And waited. And finally I ju…


So if my math is right, this Thursday will mark one year since I entered the MTC (wild, right?), and what a year it's been. So if you've only been skimming and looking through the photos I send, I thought I'd do a recap of all the highlights.

0- MTC, with Sister Jones and Sister Miller (and when they left, Sister Christiansen and Sister Johnsen, and when they were busy Elder Wright and Elder McFarlane (yo, the MTC was wild))
1- Riberão Pires, Santista, with Sister Gomes
2- Ficamos
3- same area, with Sister K. Souza
4- Maua, Pilar, with Sister Melo
5-Santo André, Ala 4, com Sister Marchioni
6-Santo André 4 com Sister Medrano
7- Ficamos
8-Rudge Ramos, Assunção, com Sister Sales

And since it's all about the numbers:

Number of different kinds of pizza I've tried: 8+
(frango com catupiry, portuguesa, baiana, broccoli, one-that-I-don't-know-what-it's-called-but-was-good, chocolate com M&Ms, brigadeiro, calabresa, and probably others that I forgot).

Week 51: I Like to Look for Rainbows

So this week we had a miracle.

Last Thursday we met this guy on the street and offered to share a message about Christ with him, like we do. We started talking and got to know him a little, and found out that he had moved here recently from Bahia and was looking for a church to attend. We invited him to church and he accepted enthusiastically. We found out that his city in Bahia was known for the coffee plantations and we mentioned that we didn't drink coffee. And with that he stopped.

The next day we visited him and met his sister and her adorable little baby, and started teaching. He went to church and loved it, and we invited him to be baptized. This gave him a moment of pause. He had already been baptized, and so we had to teach a lot about the priesthood (the authority God gave to certain men to perform ordinances like baptism). He understood but wasn't sure, and although we marked his baptism for this Sunday, I thought it would fall through. We've already taught peopl…

Week 50: I Love to See the Temple

So the highlight of this week was that we went to the temple (!!!) and that was wonderful, like it always is.

The low point of this week was that we did a week-long fast with an investigator, where we agreed that we'd stop eating sugar and he'd stop smoking. That was fine. But then our District leader decided to be awesome and sent us pizza. That was better than fine. The sad part was that he sent pizza with a chocolate border and we couldn't eat it. Oh my goodness it was sad. We ate the pizza part but when we got to the crust we had to leave it, in all its chocolatey glory. (But the sugar-fast ended today so I ate the leftovers for breakfast! woot woot)

So those who know Brother Chin will know that his favorite scripture is John 11:35, and when I was getting ready to leave for the mission he said that I should always read it with the members here and then let my companion express her feelings and her testimony about that verse, because it's so powerful. But when I got …

Week 49: Só Aguas

So when I got here, the Sisters had already been teaching a family for a while. The family was awesome and very receptive, but hadn't yet been to church despite having been invited several weeks in a row. The dad, Emerson, was trying to quit smoking and had gone down from 4 packs a day to 5 cigarets and the girls were reading the Book of Mormon, but my companion wasn't sure if they'd really start going to church and would be baptized. But we kept teaching and last week they went to General Conference and *loved* it. The girls thought the chapel was the prettiest building they'd seen and Emerson said he felt the Spirit really strongly right when he entered. They liked listening to the apostles and the prophet, and promised to come back each Sunday to learn more.

They really wanted to be baptized, but one by one they had problems come up. Emerson, despite his best efforts, was having trouble kicking the last cigaret. Isabelly started to feel a little aprehensive and was…

11 Months: Spiritual Fire Hose

So this last week has been pretty darn awesome. I think I mentioned last week that I was transfered, so now I'm here in Rudge Ramos, ala Assunção, serving with Sister Sales (who was my roommate a month or two ago) and Nossa Senhora, it's been an awesome week.

Tuesday morning we set out with the purpose to find the elect of the Lord and help them repent and prepare to be baptized. We were walking in the street normal when a lady stopped us. I didn't recognize her but my companion knew her to be a member in the area, and she offered to fill up our water bottles. We followed her home (she lived pretty close) and she gave us water. Without us asking or saying anything, she mentioned that she had been talking with a friend of hers about the church and wanted us to visit her. (Now, as missionaries, we're always looking for people to teach, but we almost never get references like this)

Later that same day we passed a guy in the street who turned out to be a recent convert, an…

Week 48: You say Goodbye, I say Hello

This week has been one of goodbyes, and also of hellos. Today I was transfered and I've been saying goodbye to a lot of friends, but I'm also eager to get to know new faces too.


Sister Larsen, our roommate and STL who went home to Utah after serving the Lord 18 months faithfully and diligently.


Sister Sales, the novinha of Sister Larsen, who was my roommate a while back. She will be my new companion and I'm super excited because she's awesome!


Sister Medrano, who has been my companion and amiga for about three months. We get along really great and have not as of yet done Companionship Inventory (which is impressive, given that I am a potato who likes to fight people and am not exactly an easy companion)


Rudge Ramos, my new Zone (aside: I've been moving steadily in a line. If you find my areas on a map, I go straight from city to city in a linear progression towards the big city of São Paulo. My next area will be São Bernardo, judging…